In the former studio of the sculptor and master plasterer Richard Bieber, three menus are served that can be combined with each other, one of which is vegetarian. Cuisine style: Tastefully composed dishes that focus on vegetables and herbs grown on the premises, often enhanced with exotic spices and sweet notes. Liver mousse with leeks, rum currants, pecans and garden cress; lacquered chalon duck breast with musk squash, flower buds and mace; or house-ripened koji mold cheese with iced pumpernickel, bergamot and fermented hops with honey. Wine: German menu with about 100 positions and Riesling emphasis, including rarities. Atmosphere: The plaster monkey on the door beam or cows and chickens as stucco on the half-timbered walls have already marveled the Expressionist painters Max Pechstein and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, who lived in the house. Ideal for a special evening with children, the family, visitors from overseas or art lovers. Conclusion: Relaxed enjoyment with high standards in an unusual ambience.