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Restaurant Bieberbau

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
5.30  – 00.00 pm
Kitchen: 5.30 pm – 9.00 pm
Wednesdays we open for your events only.


Durlacher Straße 15
10715 Berlin – WilmersdorfTel.:
+49 30 853 23 90

Our Michelin Star

Since November 2015 our cuisine has been awarded a Michelin star.

So defined the Michelin Guide our Star: This is how the Michelin Guide defines our star: The ambience is unique here – the stucco work of Richard Bieber is absolutely worth seeing! Under the direction of the sympathetic hostess, attention is attentively cared for, the chef cooks modern-seasonal, skillfully placing herbs and spices at the center of attention. And the prices are fair!

Your wedding menu

Restaurant Bieberbau in Berlin offers a wonderful wedding menu for groups of 12 people or more. The menu is specially created for the wedding and can also be enjoyed on the terrace when the weather is nice. The restaurant is located near the Berlin-Schöneberg registry office at John F. Kennedy Platz and is just a walk through the Volkspark Wilmersdorf. The dishes are prepared from fresh and regional ingredients and ensure an unforgettable wedding afternoon. Whether vegetarian, vegan or with meat – the team of the restaurant Bieberbau composes the menu according to the wishes of the bridal couple.

The Bieberbau

The dining room of the Bieberbau bears the signature of the sculptor / master plasterer Richard Bieber. He sat down in 1894 so that a monument. Driven from his old workshop in Leipziger Strasse by the new Tietz, he built in the Durlacher Street, a new studio building. Expressionist painters like Pechstein and Kirchner lived and worked here. The Bieberbau served as an inn for painters, neighbors and guests, and at the same time as a showcase for plastering sector work: An army of masters and apprentices created sculptures that Bieber’s customers as a model and inspiration and at the same time the construction of the restaurant guests should serve. In war, the house burned and lost its once magnificent facade.

Miraculously, but remained Bieber guest room completely spared. The restaurant has developed in the postwar period to a slide fail to fall into a deep sleep later. From the Bieberbau was awakened by the chef and owner Karl Kling until 1967, with a passion for the interior and the tradition of the restaurant. In 1986, he restored the Bieberbau loving. Since then, the dining room is a listed building. Today the ornamentation of Bieberbau stores fascinating testimony of a forgotten art form. Guests who appreciate the atmosphere of the modeled stucco truss and dine in the imaginative decor, Richard Bieber are grateful for his work. This is probably why the restaurant carries to this day the name “Bieberbau”. The restaurant is a unique jewel in Berlin’s gastronomic landscape.

Our Garden

Our own garden located in Barnim Nature Park is surrounded by pine forests in Prenden. On a flat garden area of 1000 sqm and more than 500 plantingpots our herbs and spices are grown.

Last year we have first cultivated from over 100 different seeds and plant seedlings herbs, such as bronze fennel, coriander Thüringer, Gewürztagetes, Damaziner cumin. The first summer was very successful.

Team of Bieberbau

Stephan Garkisch
Inhaber & Küchenchef

Jean Matthieu
Sous chef de cuisine

Fabian Vollmuth
Junior sous chef

Anne Garkisch
Owner & sommeliére

Alika Malkut

Laura Arndt

Hanno Schröder


Stephan Garkisch –Chef: From 1997 to 1999 I completed my training as a chef at Herbert Beltle in “Altes Zollhausin Berlin. The profession became a vocation in the years 2000 to 2002 in the “Strahlenberger Hof” in Schriesheim, under the auspices of my mentor Jürgen Schneider.
In 2003 I took over the “Bieberbau” in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

Jean-Francois Mathieu – Sous Chef , formerly with stops at Fischers Fritz” and Arbutus.

Laurans Friedl – Sous Chef, formerly with stops at “Restaurant Bareiss” and “Fischers Fritz”

Josha Assar Jean Karlborg – Chef de partie, formerly with stops at “Esszimmer”.

We are working together to develop the idea of Herbs and Spices”.

Service and Sommeliere

Anne Garkisch – Sommelière and Owner: 2000  – 2006 studied at Humboldt University in Geograpgie and Traffic. Since spring 2006 – 2007 studied at IHK  Berlin in wine study and certified Sommeliére.

Simon Bahr, formerly with stop at the “Brasserie Colette Tim Raue” Berlin.

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